Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You learn something new every day

Whoever coined the phrase "You learn something new every day" was so right. And I never realized it as much until I had a child! Not only does Hannah seem to learn something new everyday, I do as well. Lately, it seems that we've been learning something new about Hannah every day regarding her health. (To say every day is probably a bit of a stretch here but it has been often.)

Last week, after two continuous weeks of fussiness and diarrhea, I took Hannah back to the pediatrician. On top of the cow’s milk allergy, they think she also has a soy allergy. Apparently 50% of the kids allergic to cow’s milk are also allergic to soy. And of course, my daughter has to be one of them. Today I will try rice milk for the first time. You cannot possibly imagine how much food has milk or soy in it until you are not aloud to have it. You start believing you will starve before you can find something you are actually allowed to eat. Some of you may be saying, why don’t you just switch to formula already?! Well, don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. I guess the main reasons are: 1) I still believe breast milk is better for her, as long as I have no physical problems that prohibit me from producing; 2) It’s easier than dealing with formula, bottles and dishes (especially in the middle of the night); and 3) the type of formula she has to use now with the allergies, is THE most expensive formula they make. But God is good to us and he continues to give me the patience I need.

In addition to the fun we’ve had with feedings, we’ve also been told that Hannah may need to see a children’s physical therapist for her neck. Some of you may have noticed that Hannah has a huge preference to looking towards her left side and bending to the right. She’s done this since she was born but it’s not gotten any better. Now, she’s developing a flat spot on the back of her head from it. My doc is afraid she could develop something called “torticollis” (a painful neck problem) if Hannah does not start correcting the issue now. Needless to say, the physical therapist is supposed to be calling me back to set up a time to evaluate her. Then they will tell us whether or not it is something to be concerned about.

Please pray for us as we deal with these different things. I really must say that God continues to mold me on a daily basis as I deal with a child that fusses more than not. And the scariest thing is that I’m already looking at pregnant women and thinking “I think I’m ready for that again.” Am I? Wow.

Until next time…

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Bigmammy said...

You are so sweet. You are a good mommy and trying to do what is best, and you will be fine if you get prego again :)