Saturday, January 31, 2009

Week 26: Feeling Pregnant

Hello everyone! Hopefully you enjoyed the pics/videos from the snow storm! Today has been very sunny in Louisville and the ice is melting beautifully! There are still lots of people without power but we are among the blessed who have it. Praise the Lord! We had some friends (the Roberts' family) stay with us a couple of nights since they were powerless and that was a joy. Hannah Mai had playmates (Reese & Hannah Grace) and so I think she enjoyed it as well.

On the baby front, I'm really starting to feel pregnant. That may sound weird considering I'm almost 27 weeks now. It's like I woke up one day and had a belly! I know it's been growing for a while now but all of a sudden, everyone is noticing - even my hubby & myself! I feel a bit more sluggish and heavy now. I'm getting more easily winded going up stairs and carrying Hannah around. I've finally noticed some Braxton Hicks contractions here and there. I feel like they started a lot sooner with Hannah. Maybe my memory is just not right there. It is exciting that every week means we're closer to meeting this little guy. It also means that if he was born early for any reason, he has a better chance at surviving.

I have to say that I've thought a decent bit about labor and delivery again. As the day draws nearer, I wonder how similar or how different it will be from that of Hannah's. Will it be shorter? Longer? Harder? Epidural-free? Natural starting or induced again? Will he be jaundiced like Hannah? Have milk/soy allergies? Experience physical problems (like Hannah's torticollis)? Though this list seems long, don't worry, I'm not totally stressed out. I don't typically think about all these things at once. ;) Just some things that have been coming in and out of my head. Now you know how to pray for me!

By the way... I'm not complaining about the things mentioned above, just sharing! The pregnancy is really going quite well right now. This weekend we'll be going to spend some time with friends in Tennessee... that should be fun! James has a whopping 5 days off work and we're going to take it easy! Yay!

Well, I guess that's it for now!

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