Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 23 - Definitely a Boy

This past week was interesting. It started off on the calmer side with the continued productivity of my last post. By the weekend, with two jewelry shows and a Pampered Chef show, it was crazy busy!

Thursday, we had another ultrasound to check the baby's heart since they couldn't see it in the last one. By God's grace, everything looked and sounded great. At one point, the ultrasound tech said, "Yep. He's definitely a boy." I looked up to see a very clear little boy part on the screen. Yep. He's sure is. ;) I asked her about how big he was considering Hannah has always measured fairly small, even in the womb. After a few measurements, she told me that it appeared he would take after my family's genes with his size. He was just over 50% percentile (over all) and approximately 12 inches long. That seemed incredibly big to me but I guess it makes sense since he's all balled up and folded over like a little sandwich. ;) SO... we'll see! It does make me a little more nervous about the delivery part though. Hannah was only 5lbs, 9oz at 38 weeks gestation. I can't imagine a big baby after her! I'm praying for God's grace when the day arrives!

The last four or five days have left me a bit more tired than usual. All that energy I spoke about in my last pregnancy post has definitely waned. I don't feel like I'm getting sick again so I'm not sure what it could be. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm nearing my third trimester. Speaking of sickness, the Lord has been gracious is finally healing us all! As of this moment, no one in the house is on any medications (other than vitamins) or having any sick symptoms. Oh I pray that continues! I've actually been trying harder to increase our immune systems with the foods we're eating and such.

You all can pray for our family this weekend. I will be attending a conference for my jewelry business in Atlanta. I'll leave Thursday and be home late Saturday night. James will be with Hannah by himself those days! Pray the Lord leads us all!

Lastly, I want to point you to some AWESOME pictures my friend Jessie Minnery took of our family. She was doing this in the midst of 4 busy kids and a not very cooperative Hannah so I was pretty impressed. Also, the lighting in our house at this hour wasn't superb. Regardless, she's very talented. Click the link below to see the pics:

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