Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weeks 15 & 16: It's a DANIEL!

Somewhere along the way, I managed to miss the fact that I forgot to post my weekly update. :)  Sorry about that!  I'm sure you sit anxiously awaiting our new post each week anyway, right?  Totally joking.

As I mentioned in the title of this post, we got a nice, early surprise announcement!  We went to our friend's clinic (the retired OB) two weeks earlier than planned.  Though we knew there were no guarantees, at 16 1/2 weeks we knew there was a possibility we could learn the gender so decided to try anyway.  After all, we're scheduled for our official ultrasound at 20 weeks so it wouldn't be a great loss if we didn't learn anything new.

I always have a little bit of anxiety when it comes to pregnancy before I'm able to physically feel the baby move much.  Not that movement means everything is okay but it is reassuring none-the-less.  So there was a part of me that was anxious going in to the ultrasound.  After experiencing our own miscarriage in 2008 and then knowing many, many friends to lose babies at various stages of pregnancy, I secretly feared seeing a lifeless body on the screen.  To my sheer delight, there was one active, super energetic little baby in there!  The doctor commented several times on how bouncy he was.  Could be interesting as the pregnancy moves along and I can actually feel all that movement.  :)

So there we were, admiring all the beautiful body parts - a nice round head, good looking heart, legs and feet, arms and hands. Then I noticed a little "something" down south.  I uttered a "whoa."  The doctor looked at me and said, "Yep.  I saw that too.  Actually, seen it a few times."  He later went on to say that while we did not have one still, clear shot, based on all those "few times" he'd say with 95% certainty that we were having another boy.  YAY!  Though we obviously would've been grateful and happy with any gender, we're SUPER excited that Benjamin will have a brother!  Right now, between the two girls, we have far more pink and princess than not.  Benjamin is ALL boy and I think he will really love the fun of another.

In other pregnancy news, my nausea is slowly tapering.  Praise the Lord!  During the day I find myself nauseous off and on but I can usually help it by getting food on my stomach.  It's still the worst in the evenings but is more manageable than it was a month ago for sure.  So very excited about that.  I've started having some of the usual pregnancy tenderness and pressure.  Haven't really had any big breakouts on my face (like with past pregnancies) but some on my neck which is not fun of course.  Not too many crazy dreams lately.  Vivid but not as crazy as they were earlier on.  And finally having small bursts of energy here and there.  All this to say, I still feel some of the discomforts of pregnancy but mostly, in a much more bearable, encouraging way!

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