Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 14: Midwife Visit

By God's great grace, the vertigo has tapered off tremendously in the last week or so.  It's not gone but it's WAY more manageable.  Thank you ALL who've prayed for me and the family in those regards. 

Midwife visit was short and sweet.  Gained a couple of pounds.  Everything else looked normal too.  Got to hear the heartbeat again which is now in the 150s.  We have a friend and previous professor that is a retired OB.  He still volunteers time at two local clinics and he said he'd be happy to give us a gender peek when we return from our vacation (2nd wk of July).  We're scheduled for the official one on July 24.  Not that a two week wait would kill us but it's kind of neat that this same doc was also the first to tell us the gender of all three of our other kids.  So there's some upcoming excitement!

Looking forward to our July vacation to Florida.  Sadly, my mother-in-law will still be in the Philippines (after the recent loss of her brother).  Fortunately, we'll still be able to visit with the rest of the family, including those from Hawaii - who we only see once a year.  Everyone is very excited about that.  We're looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation and are thankful to have a live-in home sitter while we're gone. :)  Thanks Filicia!

Been getting some of the final pieces for homeschool this fall.  One really great buy was from a local homeschool fair.  I got some parts of a curriculum package I was specifically looking for 85% off the retail price of $200.  Yes, you read that right - and it was exactly what I was looking for.  Praise the Lord for sweet graces!  And then I got the math program I wanted for 47% off.  Not a bad deal either in my opinion as I haven't seen it sold much lower.

So, there's life in a nutshell.  Until next time...

Take care,

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