Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 18: No news is good news

I've delayed my week 18 post simply because I don't feel I have much to write about.  Now that's certainly not always a bad thing.  I'm VERY thankful I'm not writing about continued nausea and vertigo issues.  By God's grace, those have tremendously improved!  Some times, no news is good news.  And I'm okay with that. :)

It's been a more relaxed few weeks here lately.  And since I've been feeling better, I've been getting much more accomplished around the house.  That's certainly a plus.  And the kids and I have been doing more fun stuff together during the day than I was able to when feeling so sick.

I've been attempting to try a few new recipes lately.  Those who know me well know this is one of my greatest struggles as homemaker.  I do not enjoy cooking, I don't cook well, I hate to menu plan, shop and wash dishes.  There, I said it. :)  BUT, considering there are seven people living under this roof (our 5 plus our friend and daughter), I NEED to grow in this area.  I'm actually attending a cooking class tonight to try and improve my skills.  We'll see how that turns out. 

Nothing new and exciting on the baby front.  But again, no news is good news right now.  We have our official gender ultrasound next week so it'll be fun to see him again.

Guess that's it for now.  Maybe there will be more fun next time! :)

Until then...
Take care,

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