Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week 17: Vacation Fun

Week 17 was nice.  We were one vacation in Crestview, Florida (a small, mostly military town near Destin).  It's where James grew up and his parents still live.  We try to make it down there once a year, so it's nice to look forward to.  James' mom was in the Philippines this year so we missed her and her usual cooking.  However, she had us more than taken of with the help of another Filipina and we certainly ate well regardless.

I think most of us can agree that we usually feel we need a vacation from our vacation because we tend to stay so busy doing things during that time.  This year, I felt it was a really nice blend of doing and resting.  We made it to the beach twice, visited the Armament Museum, did a small bit of shopping, kids watched a movie at the theater, ate out a few times, enjoyed some fireworks but mostly just hung out and enjoyed one another at the house.  We watched some Olympic trials where the kids became fascinated with the gymnasts and started tumbling around the house.  The swim meets had Hannah temporarily adding "swimmer" to her long list of things she'll be when she grows up.  Her favorite part of the entire trip, hands down, was the pool at my in-laws.  I think she would've been content there the entire time!  Going to look into getting the older kids into swim lessons I think.  Of course everyone else came back with nice tans and I came back with more freckles. :)

The biggest downside for me during the trip was that I had a headache every, single day.  That was not fun at all.  I think it was my regular watching of the giant TV there.  I typically watch very, very little TV.  I've been fine since being home, praise God.

We drove there and back - overnight, as opposed to our usual flying.  By God's grace, it was mostly smooth and to my surprise, the kids did very well with it.  We came back to our AC not working on the second floor of our home, thanks to the week of temps over 100.  We're hoping to get it fixed soon.  In the meantime, the kids have been sleeping on the first floor with us and we're grateful the weather has gotten a tad cooler.

I've been noticing the baby moving around more.  Still small movements but becoming more noticeable.  Always fun.

Until next time, check out our vacation pictures here.

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