Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 37: So Ready

After each pregnancy, I tell myself that I'll be more patient and grateful towards the end with my next. Then each pregnancy, I realize just how hard that is. Week 37 ended with continued lower body pains. Some days it's literally hard to walk without cringing in pain. I guess the good part of that is being forced to slow down. Hannah will ask me why I made "that face" and when I tell her it's because I'm hurting, she'll offer to rub the area or get my rice sock. So sweet. That said, I'm SO ready for this baby to come and relieve the pain.

During week 37, I had another night of false labor. It was nearly identical to the one I wrote about last week so I won't repeat. The last three nights have been perfectly quiet and I've actually gotten pretty decent sleep.

I think Sophia may have "dropped" last night. I started sitting on my exercise ball a little to help encourage this baby to make her entrance. Right before bed, I looked in the mirror and noticed it looked like my bump had visibly shrunk! Maybe I'm just imagining things. I'll include a picture and let you decide. 37wks, 5days along in it.

Midwife visits have been great lately. Short and sweet though nothing exciting. Last week I was a whopping 1cm dilated and getting soft. Measuring a couple of weeks behind because of Sophia's positioning (which is to no surprise, very low). My weight gain has slowed tremendously, though the stomach bug may have contributed to that. We'll see what this week's visit brings.

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