Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week 34: Pain in my Hips

Ouch. That would explain the last several days. I've suddenly been thrown back into memories of the end of my pregnancy with Benjamin. Blame it on the weight, blame it on the hormones that 'relax' your muscles... I don't know but my hips hurt! Basically, the tops of my pelvis/hips and my sacrum hurt with any weight at all on them. If I'm sitting, it's not bad. Really, it's just when I'm standing, which is the majority of the day of course. I hope it won't feel this way for the rest of the pregnancy or I'm going to be struggling!

My midwife visit went great. Up 31lbs. Everything else looked fine. After my next visit, I'll be having weekly ones. Whoo hoo! The day is quickly approaching! I'm so excited!

I've definitely started 'nesting.' I'm suddenly having the urge to clean and organize everything around this house, including things I never even think of. This weekend I washed the car seat, bibs and socks, as well as a few other tidbits. I washed the clothes a while back. Speaking of Sophia's clothes. About 2months ago, I set aside a specific outfit I wanted to pack for her pictures at the hospital. I cannot find it for the life of me! I have looked absolutely everywhere I can think of with no luck. Since I need to be packing a hospital bag soon, I guess I'll go ahead and choose something else in case it doesn't show up in time.

Along with things to pack, once I figure out an outfit, I'm working on a cute hair bow. I'm getting ready to start my own hair bow business. I finally settled on a name... "Joy: a bowtique". Now I'm having a hard time deciding what type of bow to bring. :) I've been getting the website prepared and trying to figure out all the small details so that when Sophie arrives, I'll just have to worry about the physical bow making.

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Courtney said...

How fun about the bow business!