Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 38: Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

So. Tired. Of. Waiting. Yep. I know... I've become the impatient-end-of-pregnancy-and-tired-of-it woman. I'm trying to be grateful, I really am. I feel I'm doing okay with the wait and then I have another night of false labor. Oh yes, week 38 was no different. Sunday night I woke up at nearly 1am with contractions. I lay in bed for a while and realized they weren't stopping so I got up and played around on the internet. By 3:15am, I'd been having painful contractions 4-5 min apart for nearly 45min. I was convinced I was in true labor. James called in to work for the following day and also called his mom to let her know. As a last "test," I decided to try and lay back down for a little bit and see what happened. Sure enough, the contractions slowed and eventually went away. I'm so tired of this false labor it's ridiculous. As I commented on a Facebook status, I wouldn't mind being up half the night if it was going to lead somewhere and not just a tired mommy the next day.

I do have to give praise that I've had much less hip/pelvic pain this past week. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not in reference to the baby's position but it's certainly been nice to not be struggling every moment. I'm still having pain, it's just been much less frequent and intense. So that's a definite blessing.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was starting a new hair bow business. Well, it's officially off and running. I figured I may as well get everything started if I was going to be waiting for this little girl to make her appearance. I'd love for you to check out the site, "like" it on Facebook and let me know what you think! The business is called "Joy: a bowtique" and you can find it at . Though there has been a lot of work going into making this happen, it's been a lot of fun too. My undergraduate degree was in business (with majors in management and marketing) so that's been helpful. The fun, girlie product makes it enjoyable. Then of course using my oldest as a model is always a joy.

Lastly, my midwife checkup was nothing exciting. Everything looked okay. I went another week with no weight gain (I'm at 31lbs total). I asked her about it because it concerns me a bit. I've only gained 1lb in the last 4-5wks. She said that she was not worried because the baby's measurements have continued to grow each week. Said it was likely just the fact that many moms eat less in the last few weeks because there is less room for the food. As long as I wasn't dieting (which I certainly am not), she was not concerned. And the fact that everyone keeps commenting on how "tiny" I am doesn't help. I have my next visit tomorrow morning, we'll see if anything changes.

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Lisa said...

Hang in there, she's got to come soon! :-0