Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 33: Christmas Joys

What a joyful Christmas we were able to have. Does Christmas ever not feel like Christmas to you? I mean, as I've gotten older, I've often commented on how Thanksgiving and/or Christmas just don't feel like they should. This Christmas was different. It totally felt like Christmas though I'm not sure why. Christmas eve we took it easy. We enjoyed some KFC for dinner (aka no cooking, a blessing from my inlaws. The kids were allowed to open one gift each as we do by tradition. When the kids awoke the next day, James read the story of the birth of Christ to them. Then they opened gifts and had a blast. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and followed that by watching a movie and playing with the new toys. We lazed around the house all day. I cooked a Christmas ham for dinner and we enjoyed our family time. It was a very restful day and enjoyable to spend as a family.

The only downside to Christmas was the usual - being sick. For some reason, I'm sick every year at Christmas. It's usually nothing big, and it wasn't this year either. The kids and I were just full of snot and slightly sore throats from drainage. I slept horribly Christmas Eve simply because I could not breathe out of my nose at all. Two Christmases ago, we were at Kosair's Children's Hospital with Hannah because she had purple lips and was having a hard time breathing. In the end, they couldn't come up with any diagnoses other than a nasty virus. So.... I guess colds were better than hospital visits for sure. We're still getting over the snot. And many of our friends had the stomach bug this Christmas so I'm thankful we didn't have that issue.

For the most part, my back felt better this week. That was a blessing. I've started getting fatigued way easier than I was though. It's everything I can do to run an errand or two with the kids and not feel completely wiped out afterward. Honestly, I don't even have to go anywhere and I feel wiped out most days before lunch. Guess that's just the point in the pregnancy.

One of my very good friends delivered her first baby boy yesterday (they had 2 girls first). She was due 5 1/2 weeks before me. So I'm definitely getting very excited as the day draws quickly near!!!

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