Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 28 - Lots of Updates

This past week was incredibly busy with both babysitting and events. But by God's grace, I survived. :) The stomach issues I mentioned last week did end up being viral. Mine subsided on day 6, Benjamin got it a few days later... Right now, we're all fighting a little cold of some sort. Poor Benjamin seems to have it worst with lots of snot and drainage issues. Then of course he can't tell us how he feels so he just cries. It's pitiful. I'm feeling much better today than I have the last few days so I'll take it. There for a day or two, I thought I may have strep. Instead, I think it was just soreness from the drainage.

Anyway, I had my last monthly midwife visit during week 28. From now on, it's bi-weekly visits. I was almost dead on with my weight gain, 26lbs. By tape measure standards, I am measuring behind. That was no surprise though, I always start measuring behind at this point. Since I was already having an ultrasound, there were no worries. My placenta has moved up and is no cause for concern. Yay! Sophia was measuring in the 45th percentile, right on target. The ultrasound tech said my measurements were probably a result of her positioning, way down in my pelvis. I find it interesting that my babies decide to stay as low as they possibly can while in the womb. It's nice that I don't typically have feet in my ribs. It's not so nice in the pain/pressure it can cause in my pelvis.

My blood pressure and vitals were all great. I haven't heard anything about my glucose test which was almost one week ago so that should mean I'm in the clear - hopefully! My back is still hurting a bit and the fatigue is there but manageable. The nausea went away with the stomach issues, praise God!

I've included the latest belly shot, taken at 28wks and 5 days. I think you'll agree - there is certainly a belly there! Of course it's always interesting to see what you look like in different maternity clothes, even on the same day.

Tonight I finished getting all of Sophia's clothes put away. It's becoming more and more real. I can't wait to meet her!

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