Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 25: Halloween Fun and Family Visit

So week 25 went so fast I completely forgot I hadn't journaled about it! Forgive me for the delay! As I mentioned in my last post, my husband's mom and dad (Mama Tess and Papa Ben as we call them) came into town for a visit from Florida. We stayed incredibly busy with activity but enjoyed ourselves during it. The only thing I mentioned in my last post we didn't get to was the Elmo exhibit. We simply ran out of time!

As for Halloween fun, we attended the Zoo party and Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood. Hannah LOVED getting all the candy this year and very much enjoyed being Minnie Mouse twice. Benjamin's 'ears' kept falling down so that was a bit annoying and he wasn't a huge fan of the gloves, though he did okay with them. If you want to see more pictures of our activities, check out our last few posts.

The fatigue is quickly setting back in. I'm not sure if it was just having a busy week and weekend or if it's just that time of the pregnancy. I'm feeling pretty wiped out by 8ish, even if I get a nap in the afternoon. I do get up at 6am most days but I'm typically in bed around 10. I'd think 8 hours would be enough sleep. With the extra weight on my body, I'm starting to feel it more physically. A few weeks ago, I started doing Yoga again. I borrowed a prenatal yoga video from a friend and it's been great. I feel SO much better afterwards. I'm averaging 3-4 days a week with it.

Sophia is REALLY starting to move around now. I mean, I've felt her for weeks but it's turning more into that 'alien in my belly' look/feel. It's quite entertaining. Hannah has enjoyed the few times she's felt her moving. She even knocks on my belly to 'wake her up.' haha

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Play in Rain said...

I feel the need to tell you that Hannah and I had the same Halloween costume this year. Hers is so much more adorable though!!!!!!!

The Santos Family said...

That's fantastic Laura! :)