Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 15: Felt that little one!

Goodbye nausea and hello heartburn! Ha! But you know what? I'll take this heartburn over the nausea any day! It's not that the upset stomach is over, just better. I don't typically feel like I'm going to vomit now as I just feel kind of yucky off and on all day. And most of those times I can appease it with food, though not always. But like I said, I'd rather have the heartburn. A little Tums or Zantac and it only sticks around 30min or so. Also, I just mentioned in my last post that my skin had been nice and clear. No longer! I suddenly can't stop breaking out. Boo!

Week 15 was pretty busy. I already wrote about my midwife visit so I won't repeat that. I'm supposed to find out the sex of the baby on Sept. 21. However, I just found out that I have to work that day (I nanny a little boy, usually twice weekly) so I'm going to have to move it. Hopefully it'll still be close to that day! In addition to seeing the midwife, my husband and I were busy with a wedding. We do premarital counseling through our church and being a pastor, my husband periodically marries the couples as well. So Friday night we had a really yummy dinner at a local restaurant. I ate WAY too much and was very uncomfortable. Well, I guess it made Little Bit uncomfy too because not once but twice I felt very noticeable kicks/jabs in my lower belly. Though I could always be wrong, I'm pretty certain those were the first noticeable movements I've felt this pregnancy. Hands down, my favorite part of pregnancy is feeling the baby move. To me, there is just something so amazing about having a tiny human growing and moving inside of me.

Then Saturday night we had the wedding for the couple. It was an outside, country wedding and was so cute! The food there was fabulous as well. Now that food isn't making me so queasy, I'm eating more and therefore dealing with heartburn. Monday night, I took my mom to see a Mercy Me concert up at the Kentucky State Fair. It's been a while since I've been to a concert. After a lot of walking, we enjoyed a great concert in a stadium with beautiful weather!

Speaking of weather, it's finally cooled down here a bit in Kentucky. It's been in the 80's with the occasional breeze versus 90s-100s! I LOVE the fall! I'm sure we'll still get a few more heat spurts before it's over but for now, I'm enjoying it.

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