Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 13: Pregnancy Comparisons

Ready for some fun? Time for some pregnancy comparisons. :) First, the picture:
The funny part - I'm wearing a sweater in the beginning of August when it was nearly 100 degrees outside of my house. Ha! That's because I love the readers enough to give you a true comparison picture. I just think it's fun. As you can tell, I definitely have a bit more of a 'pooch' this go around then I did with my last two. I feel way bigger right now then I was then, when it fact, pound for pound, I weigh much less. For some crazy reason, with Hannah and Benjamin's pregnancies, I gained nearly 13lbs in the FIRST trimester. Yeah... you read that right. This time, I only gained 3 (which is normal, you're supposed to gain 3-5 or something like that). That and the fact that I started out weighing a bit less when I got pregnant this time really confuses me. So my assumption as to the belly - few ab muscles. :) I really don't mind anyway... I prefer to be at the stage of pregnancy where people can 'tell' I'm pregnant and not just wonder if it's leftovers from the other 2. Then again, no strangers have openly guessed I am pregnant yet.

So... more comparisons. Nausea and sickness-wise, this pregnancy has been almost identical to my last (with my son Benjamin). As far as timing, intensity and so forth, that is. So far my face has not broken out. With Benjamin, it broke out like I was a teenager again. With Hannah, I had amazingly clear skin - about like now. Emotionally, I think my hormones are starting to level out. I've always been an easy crier but it seems to be back to normal again.

I've had a few nights difficulty sleeping well. I'm falling asleep okay but waking up very often throughout the night for no apparent reason. Of course half the time I've rolled onto my back (I'm a side sleeper) and I'm not comfortable. Maybe that's part of it.

Today we decided to take my daughter's beloved blankets and replace them with a "Build a Bear" gift. She sleeps while sucking on the edges of the blanket and has since she was 1. We wouldn't mind for her to continue if she didn't keep it in her mouth. It just gets really gross and has to be washed constantly - obviously not hygienic. She was super excited this morning as we made the trip very special (we've never been to Build-a-Bear). She chose a gray kitty cat and had a lot of fun with it. However, when nap time came, all excitement was out the door and she was incredibly upset. Pray for a smooth transition as there will probably be a few rough sleep times.

I guess that's it for now! Until next time...

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