Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 14: Return of Nausea and Fatigue

The beginning of this week brought an increase in my nausea and fatigue... not cool at all! The first couple of days were a bit of a struggle. These last few days have been a bit better but still battling off and on during the day, and peaking at night. I keep telling myself the nausea has got to be over sooner or later. Then I've noticed feeling a bit more tired as well. Maybe that's partly due to the increase in nausea. Maybe I've just been busier. Not sure really. I nanny a little boy (who's currently 20mo old), twice weekly. Occasionally I have his 3yr old brother too. Last week I did have them both (on top of my 3yr old and 15mo old). It was a long day. :) The 20mo old learned how to crawl out of the play pen instead of taking his required afternoon nap. That didn't go over real well. His mom is going to bring a canopy next time. Fun stuff!

Other than that, not much exciting happened so I'm going to 'cheat' a little and tell you about my first day of week 15 (my midwife visit). :) It was super short and sweet. Blood pressure great (112/66), weight gain good (3.2lbs since last visit 4wks ago), and heartbeat sounding nice and clear this time. For some strange reason, I actually enjoy my prenatal visits. It's not like I do anything fun while I'm there. It's just that every visit gives me the reassurance I need that things are still moving along well. I'm already having a noticeable amount of pressure 'down there' so I mentioned that to her. She said it was very common with third pregnancies or more. My tummy is having a much more difficult time digesting food this go around so that's not been fun either. Then the fact that everyone keeps commenting on how 'little' weight I've gained or how 'tiny' I still am really bothers me. I wanted to make sure my midwife wasn't concerned. She said I can 'blame' the small tummy on a long torso and the fact that I'm only 15weeks along (which is what I keep trying to remind everyone). She said my uterus measures exactly where it should.

My next appointment is not scheduled for five weeks but it's done that way so they can do the ultrasound at the same time. For some reason, they prefer to wait until 20 weeks to do the anatomy scan. SO, September 21st is the big day if the baby cooperates! James and I are hoping for another girl this time, partly for practical reasons and partly cause I want Hannah to have a sister somewhat close in age. My sister and I are 18mo apart and I couldn't imagine it any different. Hannah will already be nearly 4 years older even if it is a girl. We'll see. We'll obviously be happy either way. A girl will be Sophia Joy and a boy will be Daniel Brian.

In my last post, I mentioned Hannah getting used to being without her beloved blanket for sleep times. She had a rough first few days but is doing great now so that's good news!

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