Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 4 - We're Pregnant!

Soooooooo..... unless you're on Facebook, you probably think I've fallen off the face of the planet. WELL, this post is to prove otherwise! :) Last Wednesday, I found out that we're expecting again! I waited a day to tell James so I could plot out how to best surprise him. You can check out my last post to see how (the picture Hannah made).

For those of you that have followed our blog for a while, you know that I've journaled/blogged all three of my previous pregnancies. Which brings us to a point of clarification, our second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage (see here and here for details).

This means, Lord-willing, I'm going to start my weekly pregnancy blog updates again. Aren't you so excited? :)

Right now, you can pray for our trust in God and His sovereignty. Because we lost our second baby, we always have the fear of that happening again. We've had dear friends lose many more than one and our hearts break for them. I've battled with some stomach cramping for several months now but when it greatly intensified the night I found out I was pregnant, it sent fear all through me. I've been to the doctor within the last month, had several ultrasounds and they've yet to figure out a problem so I'm hoping it's just digestive. there's the request.

We're starting to think of names again. All of the names I really like are the most popular ones in the country. Not that I'm totally against that but I'd rather have something a tiny bit different. We've obviously got some time to think about it though.

A few people have asked if we want another boy or another girl. Great question - as if we get to choose! :) We really don't have preferences as of now. In general, I'd love another laid back little baby like Benjamin was. But I can't promise that was the 'boy' in him for sure. The 'drama' of Hannah is a bit much but again, how do I know that's all 'girl' and not just all 'Hannah?' Hmmmm....

So I guess that's it for now! How's that for a blog update!?

Until next time and with much excitement,

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