Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week 5 - Getting in the groove

So week 5 came and went pretty quickly. The week was a bit stressful because we lost our 2nd pregnancy during week 5. Obviously, we can lose a pregnancy at any given time but we had that particular fear hovering over us. By the end of the week, we felt a little relief.... until we got news that a friend of ours (who was likely due around the same time as me), DID miscarry. Our hearts broke for her and we continue to keep her and her family in our prayers. It's just a reminder that even if we are able to 'get pregnant easily,' we cannot guarantee anything. We have to trust in the sovereignty of our great God and believe that He is in full control.

Towards the end of week 5, I was suddenly slammed with fatigue. With my previous pregnancies, I remember being so tired and 9-10hrs of sleep a night still not being enough. I've felt that same pull for the last several days. I've been trying to get out of the house a bit more so that I'm not tempted to lay around and do nothing while the kids wonder what's wrong with me. Hannah has been particularly entertaining. She'll ask me what's wrong and I'll tell her that Mommy's just really tired. She then reminds me, "but it's not night-night time yet." Oh - how I know! Benjamin is in the process of dropping his morning nap which makes it tricky as well. He's in a bad mood by 10ish but if he naps, his afternoon nap is pretty much non-existent. So while I'm super-tired, I'm having to keep him awake! Oh...and did I mention he cut THREE teeth last week?! Yeah... and I wonder why he's been cranky? :)

Speaking of the kids... Benjamin started all-out walking last week. I posted a video in a separate post. He's officially on the move.

This weekend, James and I have the blessing of going on a super awesome retreat with the other elders (pastors) and their wives, of our church. We're SO excited! We leave early Friday morning and will be back Saturday afternoon. The kids will be with a capable babysitter during that time so pray for peace in their little hearts. :)

I woke up this morning feeling nauseous, not so fun. But I'm in week 6 now so I'll save that for the next post.

Until then...
Terra Santos

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