Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 6: Yuck and Yawn

So if I ever doubted I was pregnant, this week proved otherwise. Holy moly... I woke up at 6weeks, 1day both nauseous and tired... and it hasn't stopped. Well, that's a little over simplified. The nausea doesn't last allllll day, though it does last off and on a good part of it. Starts in the morning as soon as I wake and lasts until 10ish. Kicks back in around lunch. Wavers throughout the day and then settles in for good again right after dinner. Fortunately, I haven't physically gotten sick yet...I just feel like I will.

Then the fatigue... how do I forget that part? I'm sleeping around 9hrs each night and still so tired during the day. It's all I can do to stay alert and chipper enough to entertain and care for the kids. After dinner, I'm pretty much wiped out. Oh...and that's even when I get to nap when they do!

I praise God that these symptoms mean things are probably continuing in that belly of mine. Of course all of that is still in His hands.

This past weekend we got to enjoy a nice, fun and relaxing trip to West Baden, Indiana for an elder's/elder's wives retreat. That was great. The downside was that my BPPV (vertigo) was hitting me on top of the baby sickness so I was not without issues for sure. But still...over all it was wonderful.

I'll be traveling to Western Kentucky this weekend with the kids for my niece's bday party. It'll be good to see family but I'm really not looking forward to the 3hr drive (with all this sick feeling) or sleeping in the same room with both kids. Should prove entertaining for sure.

For now, that's all I have. I really need some sleep (surprise!) and it's not even 10p!

Until next time...

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