Thursday, October 8, 2009

Health Updates

Hello everyone! I pray you're doing well today. Many of you have been asking about my tests and I wanted to update you on the latest.

My doctor was on vacation this week but the other doctor in the office called me. As I expected, most of the tests came back completely normal (things like iron-levels, thyroid, etc). The test that would give a better idea of whether or not I was battling Lupus came back borderline. However, the doctor told me that borderline was not necessarily something to get worried about. He also said judging by some other test I had, he would highly doubt Lupus was the issue. So that's the good thing. The not-so-good thing, it's still a bit inconclusive. My doc is back in the office today so I called to see what she wanted to do next. They had me schedule a follow-up visit with her this coming Tuesday afternoon. I'm not sure if she will order more tests or what she plans to do. I'll keep you all posted whenever I know anything further.

Thank you again for your love and prayers. By God's grace, this last week has been a really good week for me physically. Thank you!
Take Care,

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