Thursday, October 22, 2009


Friends and family, thank you again for your continued prayers in the area of my health. I had another doctor's appt this morning and here is the latest...

First, many of you know I've continued to deal with pretty heavy dizziness. Again, the doc could not see anything through the otoscope but the tympanogram continued to be abnormal, showing remaining pressure/fluid in my ears (more in the right one). She's referred me to an ENT to see if I have anything to worry about going on there or simply allergy related issues that aren't showing many symptoms otherwise. She also wants me to increase my fluid intake tremendously as I do a really poor job in that currently.

As far as the other things... and my lab tests... as the doctor expected, everything came back negative. That means most major medical issues have been ruled out- praise the Lord. So...where do we go from here? Honestly, I'm somewhat embarrassed to say what she thinks the issue may be... generalized anxiety disorder. This can lead to a great majority of the physical symptoms I've been experiencing. Why is that embarrassing? I feel like it's something I should just be able to "deal with" and "get over." After all, I know the Lord is sovereign, good, wise, and my ultimate rest.... why is this affecting me so? The doctor has no immediate desire to put me on meds (which is a good thing in my opinion), she'd rather I work on the lifestyle/behavioral changes first and see what progress I can make. She told me I am going to have to slow down (both physically and activity-wise). Along with that, I'll add that I will most definitely be seeking the Lord's leading in this area. I believe that at least in part, anxiety is a sin of distrust in the Lord. Pray that I seek His leading in this area and that my sweet husband, amazing friends and family, and church body can be the encouragement and accountibility I need.

Thank you all so much for everything. I'll keep you all posted on any issues with the ENT. In the meantime, I'm back on Zyrtec-D to help with the dizzy issues.

Take Care,



Steph said...


We're glad to hear serious medical issues have been ruled out and will pray for your health issues and your family as you grow in the Lord.

Steph and Duncan

Laura Rector said...

Terra, thanks for your openness. Maybe it's not something you have to do (i.e. trust God more). If you start thinking like that and believing others when they say things like that, it will just increase your anxiety:-( You trust God more than anyone I know (and don't do the super-spiritual thing and refuse the compliment). Maybe this is a chance for your community to learn about how to walk alongside someone courageously and openly suffering and what Christ looks like in that situation. You have courage and show a great love for God and your community by openly sharing. Sometimes that can hurt, so I am praying God will give you a safe community for this season of your life.LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Laura

Courtney said...

Praise God all "major" medical conditions were ruled out! I have been thinking about you much the past few weeks. I love you and will pray for the anxiety. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact you have two very small children. ;-)