Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today Hannah wrapped a small ball of Play-Doh in a napkin, said "It's cold," and asked to microwave it. Wow.

In other news, I attempted to take both of the kids to the YMCA's waterpark today. That was just entertaining. Benjamin was being happy but he's only 3 months old and has to be carried around. Hannah was dying to go into deeper water or on the slides but I couldn't help her sufficiently enough carrying Benjamin. After about 30 minutes of trying, I decided we'd simply have to come another day. And as you could imagine, Hannah was really not happy about that.

Things around here have been busy but good overall. We joined the YMCA ("Y") last month and I know I've personally really enjoyed it. I've been taking Yoga and Spinning (aka Cycling) with my friend Leigh-Anna. I never realized just how hard yoga can be! I expected Spinning to be hard so that was no surprise.

Our church has launched a new campus in the St. Matthews area. That has been fun and exciting. The public launch will be this Sunday and I'm looking forward to it.

I've been limiting my online time lately (as you can probably tell) and hope to do even better. I'll try to get some new pictures on here later though. I just need to upload them.

Until next time...

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