Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 33: God is so good!

It’s in the small things – and the big things. God is truly a good, gracious, and giving God. Why?

In the last week, God’s been answering prayers regarding my hip pains. Thank you for anyone praying for me in that area, I’ve been feeling much better in that regard. I do have to say that I’m not pain free as I’ve suddenly started having a good deal of pain in my left knee. But you know what? God is still good and it forces me to slow down. I had several days last week where my feet were very sore and swollen. Yet by slowing down and making myself get off them from time to time, I’m doing much better! Funny what rest can do, huh?

We had a pretty busy week last week with church events and responsibilities. Yet in the midst of it all, we were blessed with continued growth in friendships and relationships. Thursday night we had a sweet time of community with the Thorne’s, Cheong’s, Miller’s and Groce’s. We were all able to just relax, be open with one another and point each other to Christ. Praise the Lord. I’ve been feeling pretty burdened about some things lately and after sharing with everyone, I truly felt a growth in peace.

Hannah has just been blossoming lately in so many neat ways. I won’t go into detail in this post because I plan to write an entire one to that means. Her language skills are growing quickly and it’s so fun to watch her start to reason about things. The other day in the car, I told her I was not going to help her do something a third time because I’d already shown her twice. She quickly responded with “again?” James and I had to chuckle… Oh and she’s already transitioned into her new bedroom. It was amazing how quickly she did it. She didn’t even act like there was any difference! Whoo hoo!

My OB appointment was very reassuring. I’d been having what I considered a fair amount of contractions and I was starting to get a little anxious about it considering I’m not yet full term. However, my doctor “checked” me and I had not dilated or anything suggesting labor was approaching. She explained that moms pregnant with a baby other than their first will typically notice every single Braxton-Hicks contraction. She also asked me about things such as the “how” and “when” of my contractions. It seems that almost all of them are activity-related (ex. Bending over, squatting down, using the restroom, standing up quickly). She said that was very typical. Unless I start having contractions that are more consistent and will not go away with water and/or rest, I should not be concerned. She also told me that true contractions that are causing you to dilate will nearly always be followed by at least some bleeding, small or great and to keep my eye out for that.

Aside from that big news (of no preterm labor), everything else is still going smooth. I’ve gained 29lbs (my total weight gain with Hannah). Blood pressure was still nice and low (110/64). They did go ahead and schedule another ultrasound at 37 ½ weeks to continue to monitor Benjamin’s size. That was almost exactly when my last OB decided to induce me with Hannah because of the quick drop off in the size of her abdomen. I’ll obviously keep everyone posted.

I know this has been a really long post but three more praises need to be mentioned. First, God has given us a BEAUTIFUL week here in Louisville. We had several days of gorgeous weather and it seems like the warm weather may be here to stay. Then again, it is the Ohio Valley and weather can trick us pretty easily. Second, I found a favorite watch and ring that have been missing since November! That was really exciting. Lastly, we received an email from our accountant’s office about our taxes. Not only are we not going to owe a ton of money (like I was expecting with business stuff and self-employment) but we’re going to be getting a pretty good deal in return instead! What a blessing considering we’ll have hospital bills rolling in very soon when Benjamin arrives. Praise the Lord – He is so good!

Well, I think I’ve written enough now! If you’ve read with me this far – I’m impressed! ;)

Until next time…

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