Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 31: Growing Well & Women's Retreat

This week was an interesting one, though not quite as hectic as last. :) By God's grace, I got over the flu rather quickly as did Hannah with her pink eye. However, Hannah did get some sort of a cold (yucky nose and cough) immediately following her pink eye. The cough is nearly gone but the nose is still a little gross. Overall, she has been doing very well with potty training. There have been several times when we've been out places (Meijer, church, birthday party, etc) where she's let me know she needs to go to the potty. It's been pretty exciting. She's far from "there" but she's doing really good in my opinion.

We had our OB and ultrasound appointment last Thursday. Benjamin seems to be growing just as he should be - praise God. I did find it interesting that now he's in the 30-somethingth percentile verus the 5oth as before. But I was assured that was okay. Like Hannah, his noggin' is measuring over the 99th percentile. What is with me and big-headed kids? :) Big brains I guess. I've gained 26lbs (I was told a total of 35 would be good considering I started underweight). My blood pressure was still good: 100/50. Overall, everything is still going well! I'm now into the 2 week appointments so I'll be back again soon. I can't believe the pregnancy is nearing the end so fast!

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a women's retreat with my church. It was so refreshing! I had a wonderful time growing in my relationship with the Lord, resting, and fellowshipping with other ladies. It was a much needed blessing. I praise the Lord for those who organized and planned the retreat. I will be posting some pictures here soon.

James is doing well. Working hard as always. He's been excited with opportunities to serve our church both in preaching and counseling. I'm so fortunate to call him mine. ;)

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Sarah Cosper said...

I told you D's head was 98% when she was born I feel you. I meant to tell you they are doing my next ultra sound at 37 or 38 weeks. TO see if they need to take her even earlier than the 21st.

I hope to hear James sermon, I was sick last time...I need to listen to the podcast of it. So many people said he threw down.