Friday, February 27, 2009

Week 30: Potty-training, Double Pink Eye, & the Flu

What I thought would be a pretty low key week has turned into an incredibly nutty one. I'll go in chronological order for clarification.

Monday, Hannah and I attending our second music and art playgroup at our friend Amanda's. We both very much enjoyed ourselves. The kids "sang" and danced to several fun little songs and then they created a "glue-less" collage on contact paper. Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, Hannah (and I in a sense) began pottying training. That's definitely had it's highs and lows. We're going the diaperless, stay-at-home most of the time and get her to the potty route. The first day, I washed a lot of clothes. She didn't even act like being wet bothered her. That was frustrating. Wednesday, once she messed herself, she'd be quick to tell me (most of the time anyway). Thursday, she had two victories and continued building on Wednesday's successes. Today, she told me she needed to go and did (at least her first mess of the day)! Small victories... I'll take them! The rest of the day hasn't been as fruitful but we're working on it.
So we'll back up to yesterday. We ended up taking Hannah to the pediatrician because she had rather pink eyes with gunk in them. I was pretty sure I knew the verdict and yep... double pink eye. I have no idea if she got it from somebody or somewhere. Either way, she's taking antibiotic eye drops every two hours for the first two days and then every four hours for the last five.
Last night, after visiting James at work, Hannah and I returned home to get ready for bed. Out of nowhere my throat started hurting and I began feeling incredibly weak, achey and chilled. By the time I went to bed (at 9!), I was really struggling. I slept very little over the night and awoke feeling the same way. By about lunch time, I had a fever. *sigh* All that to say, even though I had my flu shot this fall, I'm guessing I got a different strain. I can't even remember the last time I had the flu. I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant so please pray that I stay well hydrated and don't run too high of a fever. Those are the potential problems with the flu at this point in the pregancy. Also, pray that I can continue to be faithful in potty-training, caring for Hannah and getting her eyes well.
Benjamin seems to be growing well. We have another OB appointment next Thursday and get to have another ultrasound to make sure his growth continues normally (as Hannah's slowed incredibly towards the end). I found a picture of me pregnant with her at 30 weeks and thought I'd wear the same shirt and compare it to 30 weeks with Benjamin. Looks almost the same to me, though I think my face looked fuller last time. I can't tell. What about you?

Sorry this was so long! It's been crazy!
Take care,


Raising Three 4 Him said...

Oh yeah, your face was fuller with Hannah and you were carrying her alot lower it looks. How funny! Hope everyone gets feeling better soon! Take care, Stacey

Leigh-Anna said...

I agree... your face was fuller w/ Hannah. How do you keep everything except the belly so slender w/ pregnancy?? I got huge!!
And when I was pregnant I caught EVERY bug that passed my way, it seemed. I did work in a nursing home though... full of germs. Maybe that had something to do with it!?! We'll keep you in our prayers. I hope you and Hannah are back to normal soon!! Keep your chin up!

Bigmammy said...

Potty Training? Before a baby? Are you nuts? Really? I think you are nuts..But I still love ya. Sorry you are sick...I think you actually looked bigger with Hannah??? Your face was fuller for sure, either way you look great both times around. You definitely do not gain to much weight during pregnancies..all belly. Miss you guys :(