Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 29: Blessed by Family

Overall, this week was pretty uneventful on the baby scene. Other than finding out I passed my second glucose test, Benjamin just continues to grow and move around. He was kicking/punching me in the hip today. That was kind of an odd feeling. I will say that my back has been doing a little better (though definitely not completely up to par). I've been trying really hard not to pick Hannah up as much each day. She's not very happy with that arrangement but it's helping a little. And every little bit counts right now!

Wednesday we celebrated James' 31st birthday here at the house. It was a small but fun gathering with a few friends and family. You can view the pictures from the link in my last post. James' parents came into town (from FL) Tuesday night to help celebrate. Mama Tess and I grocery-shopped until about 1pm, then cooked until 6, then enjoyed company until 9. It was a very long but fun day. We've stayed pretty busy until today when everyone rested a bit. Hannah has really enjoyed having the grandparents in. She's been so playful, talkative and goofy - constantly! She really is a social bug. She gets bored so easily when it's just her and I, but thrives when she's around lots of people.

Overall, that's about all that happened during my 29th week of pregnancy. Week 30 starts tomorrow (Sunday)... I can't believe I'm down to 10 weeks until due day! Wow!

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