Monday, February 23, 2009

Hannah Feeding Her Bear

Hannah Feeding Her Bear, originally uploaded by Jamesandterra.

She's learning pretend play very well. Here, she's feeding and giving drinks to the little bear that came with her Valentine gift from her Memaw. Oh... and she had already had her bath and was ready for bed... hence the appearance. :)

Take care,


Mama Blue said...

It's so cool to see them play pretend. Conner has become the king of pretend, it is so awesome to watch and become apart of. Today we flew a plane to go visit Joseph, unfortunately it was a little bit of a rough landing, what with my three year old pilot and all :)

And yes, Brooks LOVES dirt. I think he is dreaming of them being oreos though.

Bigmammy said...

so cute!!! Her hair is so long!

Leigh-Anna said...

Aww... so cute. I love the "bye-bye" at the end. It was very clear!

And did you all have a blog "keeping up with us" before? I thought it was santosfamilyblog.blogspot or something but I corrected it now!

I changed my blog around a bit too... got it looking a little brighter.
Did you design yours yourself?