Friday, April 4, 2008

Hannah Happenings

Recently James and I were asked if we'd be willing to allow Meijer (where James works) to use some pictures of Hannah Mai for their upcoming Photo Center Grand Re-opening. Considering it took almost zero effort on our part and we thought it'd be kind of cool, we said yes. Though tomorrow is the big event, they already had a big display up. Hannah is no model and the pics aren't even that big but she'll get her 5 minutes of fame at an early age. ;) Here are a few pictures.

In addition, Hannah Mai has been learning much and growing fast! She now has a 3 word vocabulary: Dada, Mama, Bye. Though she says them rarely - she says them none-the-less. :) She's starting to cruise (aka: walk while holding onto things like tables) and she can now stand alone for about 5-6 seconds before falling. It's both fun and sad to see her grow so fast.

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Bigmammy said...

maddox just watched the video and clapped for funny...yeah Hannah.