Monday, October 10, 2016

A Summary of Our Mold Experience (in posts)

Often people want to know about our mold experience.  It's quite hard to sum up the entire thing in one post.  Eventually, we may make a video or write a series of blogs.  Until then, here are some posts about what the process looked like for us (it'll be different for everyone).  We're MILES ahead of where we were and are so very grateful for that.

This is a long but detailed post of our health issues and the back story to it all:

This post was where we explained the course of action we were taking and why.  It also gives some helpful links for you to research more on the topic:

This post was a bit about our recovery plan put together by Dr. Janette Hope:

Lastly, here is a summary of all of the updates we posted (in chronological order) on our fundraising page when it was still open:

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