Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weeks 35 & 36: Getting ready!

The weeks are quickly passing by!  Week 35 was full of random appointments, doctor's visits and meetings.  In addition, there are many things I'm trying to wrap up around the house before Abigail (or Abi, as we plan to call her occasionally for short) arrives.

Shortly after my last midwife appointment, I was doing some of those things around the house and suddenly felt the oddest sensation.  I literally felt as though my pelvis was expanding and the baby dropping down.  The feeling lasted about 15 minutes and then it was over.  However, ever since then, I've felt different.  My constant rib pain has reduced to occasional.  Instead, I have a great deal of pressure and discomfort in my pelvis and often my sacrum as well.  At my next midwife appointment (at 36 weeks and 3 days), I was measuring around 34 weeks.  Surprisingly, that's about 2 weeks further than I normally am at this point.  My midwife said that it was almost certainly because the baby was "way down in there" and that was the cause of the pelvis issues as well.  No ultrasound scheduled!  I had my Strep B swab done and I'm hoping for a negative result at my next appointment.  Otherwise, the appointment was smooth and everything seems to be coming along just fine.

Also during my 36th week, some dear friends threw me a baby shower.  I was so blessed by the amount of friends that showed up as well as their generosity.  People can often be weird about baby showers for those with many kids.  To me, it's a joy to be able to celebrate every baby, regardless of whether they are the first or the tenth.  And as any mom of many knows, your baby stuff eventually wears out.  My sister and her family also came up for the shower and spent the weekend with us.

Everyone at my shower (except my sis who had to leave before this picture was taken).
Overall, things are going well.  I've been pretty darn tired these last few weeks but what else would I expect?  With my current four kids, homeschooling and life's every day demands, that makes sense.  I've been very blessed by friends who've loved on me by caring for my other kids during some of these appointments and going over and above helping in whatever way they can.  I'm very blessed!

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