Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weeks 37 & 38: Sickness Central

Whew boy!  Has it been crazy around here these last few weeks. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Benjamin started vomiting.  He would be the first of four in the family to get a nasty stomach bug.  There was always about a day of no one vomiting before the next began. About 13-14 days later, it seems to have finally left the home!  It couldn't leave without a gift though and now we all have coughs.  Fun times!  BUT, I'd rather have a house full of coughs than tummy troubles!

Thanksgiving was really a great day.  We had lots of yummy food, rest throughout the day (before Hannah began getting sick that evening), and fun times with my family.  I LOVED having them all in my home and fortunately none of them took the stomach bug with them.  Check out pictures here.

So specifically for pregnancy updates.  My week 37 visit was pretty smooth with one big exception.  Everything looked great and I was actually "tape measuring" 36 weeks with 1/2lb weight gain.  However, my Strep B test came back positive - NOT cool!  I've never tested positive and so it was actually a bit of a shock to me.  With Strep B, they hope to have an IV antibiotic administered twice during labor: once and then again four hours later, if time permits before delivery.  This reduces the chances of the baby contracting the bacteria.  My midwife knows my last few labors have been pretty short ones.  So she told me that as soon as I was convinced I was in labor, to head on to the hospital to get it started. I guess every pregnancy needs it's story.

My week 38 visit was also fairly laid back.  No weight gain thanks to my own contraction of that stomach bug and I was back to measuring barely 34 weeks.  The visit was actually on the last day of my 38th week.  I went ahead and had her check for dilation since there've been a few body things going on that've made me wonder if labor was approaching.  She said my cervix was completely closed.  That would normally have been disappointing at this stage but considering we still had that stomach bug in the house, it was actually a bit of a relief.

There are the big updates for weeks 38 and 39.  If I don't go into labor early, I'll try to get week 39 up a little faster!  By God's grace, I've had no false alarms yet!

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