Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weeks 35 & 36: Good News

Week 35 and most of 36 continued in a similar fashion as I detailed week 34.  I've been VERY nauseous in the afternoons/evenings particularly.  I even woke up the other night feeling like I needed to vomit.  Fortunately, I never did.  However, things have been looking up the last few days.  Yesterday I felt better than I have in weeks.  I actually had some energy, was not hurting ALL over and didn't have many tummy troubles. 

So here are some fun details about my midwife visit today (at 36wks, 5days gestation).  I had another ultrasound to check on the size of the baby.  As of today, my tape measure measurements were only 32 weeks.  However, my weight gain is good (33 1/2lbs) and the baby is measuring great.  Most of his body was in about the 37th percentile while his little noggin was pretty big.  Of course of my three other beautiful babies, two of them have had heads in the 90+ percentile so that didn't surprise me at all.  The tech told me his head was way down in my pelvis and asked if I usually had early babies.  Nope.  I'm all over the board there.  It was so much fun as we got to watch him yawn, suck, move around and even see that he has enough hair to be spotted!  My BP was 100/60ish.

Overall, a great checkup.  My midwife also asked if I typically had early babies which made me wonder what they were thinking.  I'm going to try not to get my hopes up there though.  Been there, done that.  There was a nursing student in the room during my visit.  She heard me mention having been pregnant before.  So she says, "Is this your second?"  When I replied, "My fourth," her eyes popped open in shock.  It was funny.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and my family is supposed to come visit us for dinner this year.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.  My doula will be out of town over that weekend though so Daniel has to be sure not to come till afterwards. ;)  She's helped me deliver my last two babies so I wouldn't want her to miss it or for my plans to spoil hers!  She's always such a super help I'm not sure how I'd do it without her.

I'm at weekly visits now so I'll keep everyone posted on progress.

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