Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 28: Pelvic Pain and Failed Glucose Test

Not a fun week!  Literally, the afternoon I wrote the last blog, my pelvic/hip pain kicked in.  It's the exact same type of pain I've had with all of my pregnancies, though I must thankfully say, it waited about 11 weeks later to begin.  So that's certainly a plus.  It's basically a sharp pain right around either side of my pelvis (very, very low back) and happens only when I put pressure on it, like when walking.  It hurts quite a bit, about every 4th or 5th step I take, so I've slowed down quite a bit.  When I'm sitting, it's fine.  But imagine how much of that I do in a given day. ;)

Then Wednesday I got a call from my midwife's office.  Considering I'd just had my glucose test, I knew it couldn't be a good thing.  Yep.  Totally failed it.  I think they said I scored a 156 and it needed to be below 130.  If I'm going to fail it, go all out, right?  That's what the nurse suggested.  Just the day before I had two glazed donuts and two cups of coffee.  So I'm blaming it all on that.  Ha.  I failed my first test with Benjamin too and passed the second with flying colors.  I have no other risk factors so I'm not really worried.  I'm just annoyed that I have to take the time and effort out of my day to do the three hour test.  We'll have to do school in the afternoon/evening as a result.

So.... the not so fun pregnancy issues - though I'm very thankful to be where I am.  Seriously.  There are so many bigger, more worrisome things that could be happening.  I choose gratitude. 

On the upside, James and I are having a first this weekend.  We'll be gone Thursday through Sunday - ALONE - to Minnesota for a conference and late anniversary weekend away.  Thanks to amazing friends (and my mom), the kids should be well taken care of while we're away.  Looking forward to some fun time together as a couple before this next little one arrives.

Until next time...

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