Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weeks 29-31: Our trip and other updates

During week 29, James and I were able to get out of town - just the two of us (and baby en route, of course) for 3 1/2 days!  We very much enjoyed the Act the Miracle conference by Desiring God ministries.  It was good for our souls and good for our enjoyment as a couple as well.  We ate LOTS of good food, enjoyed gorgeous 75 degree sunny weather every day and actually got some sleep in an amazing hotel.  It's the only time we've ever been gone that long and James was already ready to plan another trip for next year! ;)

I failed my first glucose test.  Yep.  I blame it on the donuts and coffee I had the day before.  So I had to go back in the following week and do the long three hour one.  Though I brought books, I was so distracted by everything I couldn't concentrate on my reading material.  Fortunately, my sister called and we spent 1 1/2 hours of that time talking.  That helped a ton! By God's great grace, I passed this time!  Whoo hoo!  Super excited about that.  At my 30 week checkup, I found out I'd gained 5lbs in two weeks!  Whoa.  I totally give credit to all the yummy food I had up in MN.

My hip/pelvic pain has been a little less intense since week 30.  It's still there but not as often so that's a blessing.  My energy level has been back up a tad which is nice.  I swear I'm nesting way early as I'm trying to get the entire house in tip-top shape for some reason.  You could guess how far that's gone.  I've also been getting nauseous again in the evenings.  Not incredibly so, just enough to notice.  I think it's just everything sitting in my cramped tummy space. ;)  Third trimester at it's best.

Lastly, I've convinced myself that this baby will be at least one week overdue.  As I've thought about all the different pregnancy changes, I feel everything has happened at least one week later than with my previous pregnancies.  I'm 100% sure of my "dates" but even my pregnancy test didn't show a positive until 5 days later than it usually does.  So I'm thinking my cycle just wasn't regulated yet and may have been longer than usual.  Then my measurements are always behind at the midwife (although that's pretty typical of me with any pregnancy).  All that to say, I'm thinking it'll be closer to Dec. 15th-ish or later than my actual due date of Dec. 8.  Only time will tell!  Babies certainly have minds of their own and the Lord has His plans!

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