Monday, September 17, 2012

Weeks 24-27: A bit behind!

Though no one has commented about it, as you can see, I'm pretty behind in my postings!  Four weeks went by with no update!  So, here it is...

We're in our 5th week of homeschooling.  Overall, it's going great.  It certainly means a bit of planning and preparation on my part.  The first few days were extremely tiring as we all adjusted to the new schedule.  I'm teaching 4th grade to a live-in friend's daughter, Kindergarten with Hannah and some loose Preschool with Benjamin.  Sophia just hangs out with us all.  I very much enjoy getting to see those "light-bulb" moments and their desire for certain subjects grow.  Hannah particularly enjoys math and science - which I love as well.  It's not uncommon for her to ask to do more in one of these areas.  We've had two bigger field trips: one to a local cave and one to a local ice cream facility.  Those were fun.  I'll try to get photos up on FB soon.

Pregnancy is going well for the most part.  Though I have the occasional back/neck pain from being on my feet too long or trying to do too much, for the most part, I haven't hurt as much during this pregnancy as my past few.  Specifically, I normally have a great deal of pelvic pain I'm dealing with by now.  By God's grace, it hasn't happened this go around.  Maybe I can thank my weekly chiropractic visits for that.  I get occasional heartburn but not continually so.  The family had a little stomach bug of sorts last week so that wasn't fun, but we came through.  Still getting over mild colds.

I've gained 27lbs (as of 28wks, 2d) and otherwise good vitals as well.  Had my glucose testing today so hopefully I won't hear anything negative about that.

So yes, life has been busy as usual - but in good ways.  We have been so blessed and encouraged by God's many graces and the wonderful friends and family He's placed in our lives.  It's meant my not blogging as much but living more life instead.  And I'm okay with that. ;)

Until next time...

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