Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 39: Disbelief

I officially entered the world of disbelief during week 39. As I've mentioned before, my first two kiddos were born early (Hannah by 2 weeks and Benjamin by 5 days). I'm actually typing this on my official due day (2/8) in disbelief that I'm still pregnant. I truly never would've thought my 3rd child would be my latest! I have to be honest, I'm not as frustrated as I was though I'm still being impatient. The Lord has given me grace. On top of that, the fact that my midwife will not let me go past 42 weeks gives me a light at the end of my tunnel. "Sophia, you have a maximum of 2 more weeks before you get kicked out. Please make this easy on Mommy."

I'm hoping to go natural again this time so I'm really not excited about the idea of Pitocin. I had a not-so-fun experience with that and my first child. I've been trying everything on the list of things that are supposed to naturally make you go into labor to no avail. This little girl is simply not ready to join us yet for whatever reason. Patience.... patience...

I am grateful that I haven't had any more extended periods of false labor since my last post. At least she's not teasing me right now in that sense. I go back to my midwife tomorrow. We'll see if anything exciting has happened (though I'm not holding my breath). Speaking of which, I finally gained a pound. Whoo hoo. At my last checkup I was still exactly the same progression as the week before (1.5cm, 70% effaced). Since I haven't had much activity since then, I'm not really expecting to be any (or much) further this time.

Sophia is big. I mean, maybe not in all actuality but she feels huge to me every time she moves around. And yet I look at my stomach and wonder how an entire baby is really in there as it doesn't look as big as she feels.

Well, here's to praying my next post will be my labor and delivery story and not be written at 41 weeks! :)

Take care,

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Leigh said...

Glad you are maintaining a sense of patience and positivity. I am praying for you girl.

Hang in there.