Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 23: Honeymoon Trimester Thoughts

I simply cannot believe it's almost November! Sometimes I think meeting little Sophie is still a long ways away... Yet, knowing the holiday season tends to fly by, other times it feels like it's almost right around the corner! Seriously, I'm due just over one month past Christmas and everything between now and Christmas gets busy. My husband is the manager of media and electronics at a local super 'box' store. As you could probably guess, his department gets particularly crazy during this season - especially Black Friday and on. I'm very excited about Sophia's arrival though. Since my husband is Asian and I'm white, it's always particularly intriguing to see what our babies will look like. As you can tell by our family picture, they carry a great deal of the predominant Asian traits. And yet, for those that know us well, people constantly tell me Hannah looks so much like me. My sister-in-law even says she's the Asian "version" of me. haha I've always found that entertaining. So I look forward to seeing Sophie's sweet little face and debating who she got which traits from.

I have my new midwife appointment Wednesday (20th). I have a feeling I'll get some comments on my weight gain. When I went to the cardiologist last week, they weighed me. Assuming their scale is in line with the one at my midwife's office, I've gained 20lbs already with this pregnancy! Holy moly! I only gained 29 total with Hannah and 31 with Benjamin. Even if I slow down and only gain the recommended 1lb per week till delivery, I'm still looking at 37. Agh. I know I'm not overeating but I do need to be more mindful of how many sweets I eat. It's just strange... I swear I'm not eating any more (or exercising any less) then I did with the other two but my body is just acting differently this time. And some people from church are still approaching me and proclaiming "I didn't even know you were pregnant." Seriously?! You don't see this huge bump in front of me!?

My cardiologist appointment went well, though nothing new to announce. He still seems confused even after 3 1/2 weeks of me wearing a heart monitor. He wants to do one more test and then if it comes back okay, be done. He seems to think it's just the extra stress of the pregnancy on my body and bad heartburn on top of it. I guess only the good Lord knows.

Overall, minus the heart issues when they arise, I'm feeling pretty good during this phase of the pregnancy. They call the second trimester the honeymoon trimester for a reason I guess. My back hurts a little but usually only when I overwork myself during the day or pick up one too many kids too often. I'm not really feeling sick anymore. Just heartburn issues and being stopped up occasionally. With my first two, I had a really stuffy nose the entire pregnancies. I've only had the slightest issues with that so far. Fatigue depends on the day. I still nap about 4-5 days during the week when the kids nap. Since I get up at 6a, I'm usually pretty wiped out by nap time. So that's a blessing.

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