Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 22: Random Tidbits

I just realized that I forgot to write about a big change last week. Hannah and I got a great deal of hair chopped off (21 inches between the two of us) to donate. This was Hannah's first haircut ever so it was pretty exciting. We donated it to an organization called Children with Hairloss as their standards for donations are a little more relaxed then some other companies that do similar donations. They seem to be a pretty neat charity as much as I can tell.

So for week 22.... it was fairly relaxed really. We had several things scheduled over the weekend. However, we ended up unexpectedly housing some guests from Houston and so we canceled our other plans. These last few weeks have really been quite relaxed and I'm a big fan of relaxed!

There's nothing much new going on with Sophia. Continuing to move around a lot, which I love. On the not so fun side, the heartburn issues are getting even more persistent. It's weird. If I eat too much, I start getting heartburn. That one makes sense. But then when my stomach starts to get empty again, the heartburn returns. Can anyone explain that one to me?

I go back to the cardiologist Thursday to see what he'll say, if anything new. I'm going to ask him about the toll this issue may be taking on my body long term. If it is indeed a result of the pregnancy, we are considering this being our last. That said, we are not ready to stop growing our family and have always had hearts for adoption. Even if this does end up being our last biological child, we'll certainly pursue the orphan next. We'll see what the Lord brings our way!

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