Monday, October 1, 2007

Hannah Mai – What’s the Latest?

Last night was the last night Hannah Mai had the opportunity to breastfeed. Considering her allergies (both cow’s milk and soy), I finally decided it would be nice to see how she did on the hypoallergenic formula recommended by the pediatrician. Needless to say, after only a few substitutions, she did beautifully. The can top (of Similac Alimentum) promises “Fast Colic Relief in just 24 hours…reducing colic symptoms in most babies.” I’m telling you, though it’s twice as expensive (literally) as regular formula, it is GOLD! Hannah Mai has completely changed in demeanor. She went from crying half of the day to happy most of the day quicker than I could have prayed for! Praise God for the technology we have to make milk substitutes like this.

I have to admit though, it was a bit sad for me to give up breastfeeding. Many people claim that there is a stronger bond between mothers that breastfeed their children and those that do not. Honestly, I thought it was overstated. It wasn’t until I started switching her that I felt bad about it. They say “breast is best” and to an extent, that is true. However, as one friend pointed out to me, if the breast milk is making her sick, clearly it’s not best in this situation. Hannah is definitely a much more content baby now and it’s become much more pleasant to spend the day with her. ;)

Another issue we’ve been dealing with is the neck problem. Upon a physical therapist’s evaluation, Hannah has been diagnosed with a mild form of Torticollis, likely caused even before birth. One definition of this condition is: “an unnatural condition in which the head leans to one side because the neck muscles on that side are contracted.”1 Fortunately, she qualifies (though barely) for a Kentucky State Early Intervention program. She will be able to receive physical therapy treatments for less than $20 a month! I praise God for programs like this that our taxes help pay for. The therapist said that she expects Hannah’s problem to correct quickly.

Overall, though there have been a few struggles here and there with Hannah and her health, we are ever so blessed. She could have much weightier problems (such as cancer, spina bifida, etc.) God has carried us through and grown us in the process.

I hope this catches everyone up on Hannah’s conditions! She is enjoying her life more and more every day! Oh…and I forgot to mention… My Breyer’s Rocky Road (dairy AND soy) ice cream tasted REALLY good today. :)

Until next time…

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Anonymous said...

Your baby is so precious. I don't know if you remember me or not..I live here in Louisville, too and found your pregnancy journal on storknet-my name is Jennifer Williams. I have been checking your blog every now and then. I am glad you found formula that satisfies your baby and helps her feel better. I hope the neck problems resolve quickly.
Take care.