Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 22: Very busy and very tiring

As my title clearly states, week 22 was exhausting (but praise God it's over)!  We celebrated Hannah's 7th birthday on Sunday.  Then through the week we had school and piano.  And Wednesday through Sunday, James and Filicia were both gone participating in a program with our church.  There was a lot of single parenting going on and it wore. me. out.  I don't know how single and military parents do it long term.  I seriously went to bed by 9p or earlier almost every one of those nights!

That said, it wasn't without a few good moments.  Some good friends kept us company, brought us dinner and helped me with some more home decor projects on Thursday night.  This particular project was seriously about a year in the making and it's FINALLY created!  Whew!  It's basically a random collage of mostly empty picture frames painted white, black or yellow to complement our gray walls.  It looks super cute!

On Saturday, a neighbor friend volunteered to keep the kids for me so I could have a little free time.  I spent about two hours of that at Starbucks with a few good books and catching up in my journal.  Afterwards, I went to a local kid's consignment sale and spent WAY too long waiting in line to check out (1hr 45min to be exact).  If I hadn't won a $20 gift card there, I would've just left.

Abigail has been a bouncing little bundle in there.  I always love it once I can start feeling the baby move.  Of course it's not so uncomfortable yet as she's still got plenty of room to move around.  Also, I forgot to note in my last post that my nausea finally dissipated around week 18 or so.  Praise the Lord!

Still playing catch up around the house.  When school ends in a week, I plan to start tackling some of these never-seem-to-end projects.

Until next time...

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