Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weeks 25 & 26: Physically Tougher

The last two weeks have been relatively manageable on the busy front, at least with out-of-the-home commitments.  I've stayed busy around the house deep cleaning bedrooms and catching up on months worth of home projects.  I've been preparing for the new school year (we start mid-July) by purchasing my last few needs, coming up with a detailed schedule for each child and preparing myself mentally.  I've been enjoying a few good books lately on random topics including parenting, large family living, some particular psychiatric disorders, and silence and solitude.  As you can tell, I mostly enjoy non-fiction reads.

Pregnancy-wise, things have been interesting.  As much as I'm aware, Abigail is doing well.  She moves around all day and it's always fun to feel her so active.  I've been physically pretty exhausted though: not sleepy, just worn.  It's possible that my body is still getting used to my new way of eating (see last post).  Yet according to an OB friend, it's equally as possible that it's just the pregnancy.  It could also be a combination of both.  My low back/upper hips have started hurting more often (which is common in my pregnancies by this point).  My feet are hurting more.  So I'm definitely starting to feel more of those late pregnancies discomforts.  Overall, I'll try not to complain much though.  I've been truly blessed.

We're getting ready to leave for vacation and I'm so excited for a break!  We have a dog sitter and a house sitter lined up.  Time to relax!  Looking forward to the Florida sunshine and salty air.

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