Saturday, May 3, 2014

Weeks 17 & 18: A Marathon, Easter & a Retreat

We've had some pretty big events over the last two weeks.  On the first day of week 17, James ran his first race - a marathon!  Yes.  My husband decided to start his racing career with a 26.2 mile trek in the Kentucky Derby Marathon.  It was an experience for us all!  The kids and I, as well as our friends Filicia and Brianna were trying to watch him at the start, at the four mile mark, the 21 miles mark and the finish.  Well, on our way to the four mile, my six year old daughter tripped and fell and busted her face up pretty badly.  Needless to say, we missed that marker.  After we had cared for her, we continued on our way to the 21 miles mark.  It was a WAY longer walk than it looked on the map!  We finally made it and were there for about two hours of the race.  It was SO much colder than expected and the kids tried to stay warm by playing and running around.  Sophia (3) got a tummy ache and we had to find a bathroom.  A random cop offered us nearly a dozen donuts that his coworkers weren't interested in that morning.  That gave us all a giggle.  Eventually we did get to cheer him on - and it couldn't have been better timed as his muscles were giving out on him about this point.  He said his body was doing all kinds of things he couldn't control and wasn't prepared for.  After he passed us, we continued our way back to the finish line.  We were able to cheer him on down the finish line and enjoy the victory of his first race!  Some of our other friends also cheered for him at various mile markers and we celebrated at a friend's house after all was said and done.

Easter was the next day.  It was fairly low key as my husband went to all three of our church's morning services (he's one of the pastors).  We had friends over for dinner since most of our family is out of town.  We enjoyed ourselves regardless.

At the beginning of week 18, I finally concluded that I was indeed feeling the baby move.  Yay!  Since then, it's become much more noticeable.  This is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.  James and I went away for an overnight retreat while Filicia cared for the kids.  Hannah had a ballet recital and later that day, we also had a wedding reception.  Needless to say, it was very busy.

During much of week 18, I struggled with feeling pretty emotional about many things.  It was a tough week for many reasons.  Some of the things were smaller issues than others.  I think I cried a few times during the week, just because I felt the need to get it out.  Wednesday I had an amazingly productive day around the house and that was a big mood lifter.  Then Thursday brought a few other irritating life circumstances that I once again struggled with.  As a friend of mine encouraged me, it's okay to "respond to tough circumstances, just not react to them." A point well taken.

So it has been an up and down two weeks.  Joyful and exciting things have happened but there have also been some difficult situations as well.  Tis life as I see it.

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