Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week 6: Sick, but not that kind of sick.

Last week I wrote about starting to feel very nauseous and reported my vertigo had set in again.  Well, that only ended up be slightly accurate.  While I thought it was pregnancy induced, it only lasted two days.  So instead, I'm thinking that it may have actually been food-induced.  That's good news in many regards.  Fortunately, the vertigo and extreme nausea quickly dissipated.  I do still wake up pretty nauseous each morning.  However, if I'm quick to eat a good protein-filled breakfast (usually scrambled eggs with some fruit), I quickly overcome that hurdle.  That's been a tremendous blessing.  With all that said, now I'm really hoping that my usual extreme 6-14 weeks of nausea/vertigo may be lessened with our semi-recent diet changes.  Only time will tell.

On the downside, week six brought a terrible virus.  Benjamin and I were hit with it first.  Then Sophia and seemingly Daniel.  For some reason, it hit me the hardest.  Though the kids still have runny noses and slight coughs, they seem to have bounced back relatively quickly.  I, on the other hand, have been totally wiped out, continued drainage, cough, fever for three days, and just an overall feeling of "blah."  As I write this, I'm on day four of the virus and it has not been pretty.  I'm thankful for a husband who was willing to step up, take a day off of work and tirelessly take care of me and the kids for the entire time.  It put a big damper on the weekend plans (including Sophia's 3rd birthday) but we have been blessed by friends and cared for by the Lord in many ways.

Otherwise, nothing new or exciting to report about the pregnancy.  Things seem to be going well, as best as I know.  We're tossing around baby names, as I always try to have a boy name and a girl name by the time we learn the sex of the baby.  Everyone in the house says they think it's going to be a girl.  Hannah thinks so because we have girl, boy, girl, boy so far - naturally it must be a girl.  I'm not really convinced either way and honestly have zero preference.  I already have two of each.  I can't say I'm hard set either direction.  I've only guessed the right answer 1 of 4 times anyway so clearly I'm not great at "instincts."  Looking forward to finding out though.  It's always a fun time!

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