Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 18: IT'S A GIRL and Related Pregnancy Myths

Week 18 ended up being a big and exciting week for us on the pregnancy-side of life! Though we're not scheduled for our anatomy ultrasound until week 20 with our midwife's office, we have friends in high places. :) Ha! Basically, we have a friend who was an OB for 25 years before beginning a teaching career at the school we got our Masters degrees from. We met him when pregnant with our oldest. He still volunteers at the school's clinic, where they also have an ultrasound machine. I contacted him to see if he'd be willing to try and see the sex for us. Not only did he work us into a busy schedule, he did the ultrasound for FREE!

At first, Little Bit wasn't in the best viewing position. From what he saw then, he thought it was probably a girl but didn't confirm yet. He explained sometimes at this stage, a little boy's 'parts' may not have descended yet and it was hard to tell for sure based on the baby's position. We continued to check out other important aspects of the baby to reveal a beautiful head, brain formation, heart chambers, etc. The placenta is in a good place so no fear of Previa. Then, the baby moved around a bit on her own to give us a crystal clear shot of her 'parts'. The doctor told us that while little boy's could often hide their 'stuff,' he was fairly certain there was no where for this baby to be hiding anything! He confidently told us we were having another little girl! We're super excited and so is our daughter. Our next big excitement will be seeing Sophia Joy's beautiful face early next year!

All that said, I'm convinced that a few more pregnancy 'wives tales' are simply myths.

#1: A woman's 'boy' pregnancies will be distinctive from her 'girl' pregnancies. False. So far, in many more ways than not, this pregnancy has mirrored that of my son's. And... she's not a boy.
#2: A woman can just 'feel' whether or not she's having a boy or girl. False (and don't get testy on me here, hehe). I've now been pregnant 4 times (though we lost the second early on). I'm one for three in the guessing game as I've 'felt' all the pregnancies were boys. You have a 50/50 shot at guessing right - some of you are just good guessers. :)

I feel like I've suddenly ballooned in size. Really, it's as if I woke up with a belly one day. I'll try to take an updated picture soon. My cardiologist appointment is Thursday so I'll update on that when I can. So far, my heart issues have been touch and go. Pretty regular for about a week and then barely noticeable the last two days... so that's a praise.

Until next time, take care!

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