Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Health Updates

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to try to update you all with everything from the last month or so. I have several pictures and videos to upload, just not the time to do it right this minute. First, many of you have been asking about our health, here's the scoop.

Benjamin just finished another round of antibiotics for his 3rd back to back ear infection. Hopefully that is taken care of. We go back to the "helmet doctor" Wednesday and the "head doctor" the following week. It's possible he may only be in the helmet a few more weeks. We'll see what the docs have to say.

Hannah has the typical snotty nose. But when doesn't she? :) Other than that, she seems completely healthy now. Her post-op ear checkup was great. Thanks to the pneumonia, we now own a nebulizer.

James seems to be fairly healthy, though we recently learned he has high cholesterol. So we're working to lower that.

I have finished my first 3 BPPV treatments. I initally started with two positive ears and a negative center (positive is bad/negative is good). This last visit, I was positive on the left and center but no longer on the right. So in a sense, that's two steps forward, one step back. BUT, because I'm no longer positive in both ears, I can try some at-home therapy for the next 4 weeks instead of in office. I have exercises that will take about 20-30 min that I have to do twice a day. In four weeks, I go back to the office to see if I've made any further progress. This also means no neckbrace for at least four weeks! Pending no crazy dizzy spells of course. Whoo hoo!

So there you have it. Our funny/always sick family! We've hit 3 1/2 deductibles already this year. And we have a pretty hefty deductible. But God is good and He continues to provide! We praise the Lord it "seems" we're on the upward swing of sickness.

Until next time...

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