Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The last few weeks continued to be a little overwhelming. By God's grace, as I'm writing this, things have gotten much better. As I've mentioned before, I nanny a little boy who's 2. Occasionally, I have his 4 year old brother as well. The days that I watch them are scattered throughout the month. This month, the great majority of the need fell at the beginning of the month. At the same time, my husband started having some severe hand/wrist pain (which he's always been told is arthritis). It usually only flares up every 2-3 months. It's flared up 3 time in less than a month this go around and has lasted longer than any previous flare up. When it happens, the pain pretty much puts him out of commission. Then my mom moved out. She's been living with us for the last year until she could get a place of her own. She's been such a huge help around here on a practical level. So all at once, I lost four of my helping hands and had 2 extra kids about twice as often as usual (making it 5 kids ages 4 to 6 weeks in my home). As you could imagine, I was quickly overwhelmed.

But again, God has been good and helped me through it. Now, I've only got the youngest boy once per week until May. My husband's hand is still tender but not in the all out pain it was in. He's been really serving us around the house in any way he can. He's going to follow up with two specialists to try and figure out what's going on. I had a friend volunteer to watch the kids (all of them!) one morning so I could have a little personal time (in which I ran errands). Another friend even offered to make my grocery runs! My mom is still babysitting for us once per week so we can have our date nights. My bow business has picked up so I'm busy with that. But I'm not complaining because that's what I've been hoping for! I'm having to remind myself regularly that I'm NOT super woman/wife/mom and no one except myself expects me to be!

Which brings me to my posting. I was planning to write weekly but it looks like I've been doing better with a bi-weekly schedule. Hope that's okay!

Next week will be busy as my in-laws, some cousins and my sis' family will all be visiting. We'll be celebrating Benjamin's birthday the day before Easter (it's actually on the 28th) and then enjoying Easter together the next day. I'm SO looking forward to seeing everyone though!

Until next time... here are pictures of Sophia's baby dedication as well as the circus and other fun stuff in the month of March!

Take Care,

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