Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Family of Five and Reflux

When I'm pregnant, I write weekly pregnancy updates. I figure that a weekly blog is doable so I'm going to try to sustain that pace with the regular ins and outs of every day family life.

Sophia is now two weeks old and we're continuing to get in the groove of our new life as a family of five. At the beginning of the week, we took her to the pediatrician because she'd been sounding very congested and gagging a lot - especially at night time. Long story short, the doctor confidently diagnosed her as having reflux. He said it's very likely to get worse as she gets a little older and considering so far, her symptoms have been worse after night time feedings and not as bad during the day. So now we're learning the ropes of dealing with a baby with reflux. Fortunately, we've received a great deal of counsel and suggestions to help. If her symptoms seem to get worse and she appears to be in more pain, we may try some meds to help as well. We'll ask the doctor about that at her one month checkup. Overall though, she's doing great and has been such a sweetheart. She's already over a pound more than her birth weight which is fantastic!

Benjamin and Hannah are adjusting okay. They are both super sweet and helpful with Sophia herself. However, they've found much reason to fight amongst one another. Benjamin is realizing he can test my willingness to discipline him if I'm in the middle of nursing Sophia. So the biggest adjustment for me personally has been constant and consistent discipline with the older two. The day after we came home from the hospital, both older kids got sick and were running fevers. We praise God that Sophia did not get whatever it was they had.

James and I are doing well. He took a week off from work after the baby came to help around the house and get adjusted. He's been great in helping in every way he can. In addition to that, since my mom is still living with us, she has been a HUGE help as well. When James and I were at the hospital and even since we've been home, she's not only helped with the kids but cooked/cleaned/given baths and way more! It's been a true blessing to have her here during this time.

It's been four days since James went back to work and life went back to usual (in the general sense). So far we're surviving well. By God's grace, we'll continue to grow and thrive as the weeks and months continue!

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Sarah Cosper said...

Remember what I said!? You are so good at all you set your mind to. You will be a great reflux mama. XOXO PS I need to buy some spring bows soon!