Friday, August 10, 2007

Safe and Sound - A Praise!

So today I (Terra) was rear-ended. Oh yeah - the joy. However, I have nothing but praise to announce regardless.

#1 - Hannah was not with me at the time (she was being babysat while I went to a meeting). Praise God for that.
#2 - I was not hurt. I went to my chiropractor about 3 hrs later and after xrays, he says there is no instability in my neck and I'll probably just be a little sore for a few days. Praise God.
#3 - The young girl that hit me was also not hurt - a little scared but not hurt. Praise God.
#4 - My car has very, very little visible damage. There is the tiniest paint scrape and little dent in my license plate. You wouldn't even notice it if you weren't trying. Praise God.
#5 - Her car looked a bit worse than mine but still minimal compared to the potential. Praise God.
#6 - An off-duty cop pulled up less than 5 min. after it happened, started directing traffic around us and called a cop on duty. Praise God.
#7 - Everything went smoothly. The girl admitted she "must not have been paying attention". Her dad showed up to help take care of the details (ins., contact info, etc). He even called the car place to let them know I'd be bringing in my car for a checkup (just to make sure there's nothing wrong) and to bill him. Praise God.
#8 - It was my own car that it happened to. Just hours before I'd discussed switching cars with the babysitter (a friend of mine) so she would be able to drive to the grocery with Hannah's car seat. She decided she'd just wait. Otherwise, I would have wrecked HER car. Praise God.
#9 - I was just hired to do some part-time assistant help for very good pay - at home and dealing with my undergrad. degree! That's the meeting I was leaving from. Praise God.

Needless to say, much could have happened that didn't. I praise God for His love, protection and provisions!!!

In Him,

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