Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Limiting Beliefs versus Liberating Truths

Michael Hyatt recently did a short webinar entitled "Get What You Want in 2016" on goal setting.  It was an excellent webinar and really made me think.  One of the action items was to write down three limiting beliefs and replace them with three liberating truths.  I followed through on that and felt really relieved just to unload my thoughts on paper.  As my husband says often, sometimes just being aware of things in our lives can be the first step toward change.  I often claim to be an "open book" and so I wanted to share these things with you.  It is my prayer that I encourage someone else who struggles as I do.

  • Limiting Belief #1:
    • I'm a failure.  If I don't succeed the first time, I never will.
  • Liberating Truth #1:
    • I will not give up that easily.  If I don't succeed the first time I will continue to try until I'm satisfied with the result OR I will attempt to be at peace that I've made a good faith effort.

  • Limiting Belief #2:
    • I'm not a present or patient mother.
  • Liberating Truth #2:

  • Limiting Belief #3:
    • If I can't do everything I want or need to do, I'm worthless.  Why even try?
  • Liberating Truth #3:
How about you?  What are your limiting beliefs and liberating truths?

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