Thursday, December 24, 2015

James and his crazy rash

Around August 31-September 2, James developed numerous itchy bumps around his ankles. Since we’d been in a park, we assumed it was bug or chigger bites and did not do much as a result.  After about 5 weeks with no improvement, we sought out a dermatologist at the recommendation of our doctor.

At it's worst, Halloween (ignore the silly screen shot "ringer" goof up)
Underside of right arm

Very long story short, the dermatologist misdiagnosed him twice and during that process, had him on 2 different antibiotics, various antihistamines, and both topical and oral steroids.   The rash completely took over his entire body.  No one had any answers though there were a few suggestive possibilities.  He sought out both traditional and alternative treatments to help but the only thing that could manage his symptoms was oral steroids.  We did not want him on those long term because of side effects and health concerns but unfortunately, every time he tried to wean off of them, the spots would return and spread with a vengeance.

He was finally able to get a second opinion from another dermatologist who quickly and confidently diagnosed him with Nummular Eczema.  This could have started with the bug bites as a trigger with his already weakened immune system.  He was given a different topical steroid to begin as he once again tries to wean off the oral steroid.  If/when he is able to get his back cleared up enough (hopefully over the next couple of weeks), they will they do a patch test to check for triggers.

The good news is that we finally have a diagnosis and are looking for triggers to help alleviate symptoms.  The bad news is that eczema (especially severe forms) is nearly always linked to gut issues which we already know he has... so we're still at square one working on gut healing.

Keep the prayers coming!  He's been in a constant state of crazy itching for four solid months now.  Relief would be wonderful though we know that ultimately, our faith can't be in healing... Our faith is in our God and his mysterious ways.

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